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  • Banish those interview jitters

    Posted 01st August 2012 by Susanna Hofmann

    At sports competitions we often hear spectators debating whether the athletes will be able to control their nerves in the crucial stages of a match.

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  • How are you branded?

    Posted 23rd July 2012 by Annabelle Morris

    Here at FreshMinds, many first impressions of candidates are formed through a CV or social media such as Linkedin. It is therefore becoming more important than ever before to create and maintain a personal brand. This will differentiate yourself and help to ensure that you stand out from the proverbial crowd.

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  • Getting ahead of the game

    Posted 11th July 2012 by Harriet Clark

    Earlier this week, the MD of FreshMinds Talent, James, the Head of Graduate, Soraya, and I attended a conference in south Wales. It was the 'Association of Graduate Recruiters' annual event, the crème de la crème of the recruitment world were there to give their insight into getting a graduate on board.

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  • Caffeinate your way to a dream job

    Posted 06th July 2012 by Ignacio Guerrero

    In my last blog entry, I wrote about the importance of joining LinkedIn, and its usefulness in networking. I am not a paid advocate of LinkedIn (somewhat unfortunately, it might be a nice sideline), but I am a big proponent of networking and in my opinion, there is no better way to network than having a coffee, one-on-one.

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  • Keep calm and carry on

    Posted 04th July 2012 by Soraya Pugh

    The Association of Graduate Recruiters today released the findings from their latest study, revealing some interesting statistics.

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  • Investment banking event - how to ace your internship

    Posted 28th June 2012 by Tatiana Raikes

    Last night we held an event for investment banking interns in London, our amazing attendees had the chance to hear about the experiences of former banking interns and to network with each other and the FreshMinds team. We had attendees currently on intern programmes with RBS, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse all sharing their experiences and getting the inside scoop from our guests.

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  • The New Style of Interview

    Posted 15th June 2012 by Susanne OFlaherty

    Gone are the days of rigid question/answer interviews consisting of prepared scripts to probe only on specific skills and competencies.

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  • Sweaty foreheads

    Posted 06th June 2012 by Charlene Deleon-Jones

    Last week I sat opposite a candidate who on paper ticked all of the essential boxes. However, as beads of sweat gathered and grew on his forehead, I began to wonder if he was such a great candidate after all. The room was cool and the content of his answers was disappointing, it quickly became apparent that the sweaty forehead was the result of a bad case of interview nerves.

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  • Congratulations class of 2012

    Posted 29th May 2012 by Ignacio Guerrero

    You have just graduated. Congratulations! Maybe you have figured out the next steps in your life, maybe you haven't. Maybe you have a job lined up, maybe you don't. Either way, below are five tips to welcome you into adulthood. Why five? Because it's sunny out and there's no time to read ten! Now read up, take in, and enjoy your summer!

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  • 5 qualities in a candidate which are attractive to small businesses

    Posted 23rd May 2012 by Dean Stothard

    Here at FreshMinds we have a wide range of clients from large multi-national organisations to smaller more entrepreneurial type businesses. While every hiring decision is important, when recruiting for a small business the qualities you bring to a team are examined even more thoroughly. This is because most hires are vital to the future of the business and there is the danger of a potential negative impact should they not get the hire right.

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