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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: FreshMinds talks Talent, Tinder and Tennis

    Posted 01st August 2014 by Bryony Cullen

    Attracting the best and the brightest people to join your company is a top priority for business leaders across the globe, but finding those people can require serious creativity (and a lot of hard work!) in your recruiting efforts. With research announcing this week that there are an increasing number of graduate roles being created there is a clear indication that the war for talent is gradually picking up. This means that employers need to focus on the best ways to find their target candidates, rather than expecting the candidates to find them.

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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: It’s not all doom and gloom

    Posted 25th July 2014 by Bryony Cullen

    As I'm sure you have seen, the news has been abuzz in recent weeks with reports examining the state of the UK's employment. Although these present a rather mixed bag, these changing trends can in fact spell out new opportunities, providing a welcome break from all of the doom and gloom we’ve become accustomed to when reading about employment in the press!

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  • ‘Ones to Watch’ Networking Event

    Posted 24th July 2014 by Bryony Cullen

    It's fast approaching our next Ones to Watch networking event, and we're really looking forward to seeing all of our Ones to Watch again and welcoming in the class of 2015!

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  • Could your EQ be the key to career success?

    Posted 18th July 2014 by Rebecca Davenport

    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a fashionable topic in business at the moment and something that we value very highly here at FreshMinds. The term is frequently used loosely in reference to interpersonal or communication skills, and companies are striving to find the most accurate way to measure it in potential employees. But what really is EQ, how far does it contribute to our cognitive ability, and is it actually important in driving a successful career?

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  • Celebrity Economists, a meeting in the woods, and a great networking breakfast!

    Posted 15th July 2014 by Jon White

    Here at FreshMinds we've just held the latest of our breakfast events, where we gather together senior individuals from specific sectors and chew the cud on a particular subject matter.

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  • Consulting: debunking the myths

    Posted 10th July 2014 by Bryony Cullen

    A quick skim of the first three pages of a Google search for 'consulting' services confirms a trend that concerns us at FreshMinds... management and strategy consulting only account for a quarter of the results. We've found that this popularity of the term 'consulting' has led to a dilution of perceptions of the role of management and strategy consultants. So we have resolved to add some clarity to this issue!

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  • The reinvention of retail draws in the top talent

    Posted 18th June 2014 by Patrick White

    Retail is being remade in the most dramatic sense since Vincent Astor invented the supermarket in 1915, and some of the brightest minds in business are at the front line. Head office positions within major retailers are packed out with top tier strategy consultants, minds from some of the most illustrious banks and the brightest graduates who have risen through the companies from the very best universities.

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  • GUEST BLOG: It pays to make bold, unusual decisions

    Posted 12th June 2014 founder and 2009 FreshMinds' 'Ones to Watch' Alumni Oliver Bridge tells us about his unconventional career path and the world of men’s shaving.

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  • FreshMinds’ guide to navigating the post-graduation landscape

    Posted 21st May 2014 by Nic Cater

    Exams drawing to a close? Not considering continuing in academia any time soon? Then you're probably facing a choice between starting work as soon as possible or lining something up for after Summer, perhaps following a stint volunteering or travelling. How can you ensure you secure your perfect job, when you're ready for it?

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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: How to make a splash on social media

    Posted 16th May 2014 by Lucy Kemp and Madeleine de Bois

    500 million Tweets sent per day and 255 million monthly active twitter users... a sure sign that we're living in an age where online communication is king. With one click of a button you can instantly communicate with hundreds of people, and most importantly from a branding perspective, create lots of interest in your product! However, content is key, and social media is most powerful when it impels someone to click a button themselves and share your update. So with this is mind, what pushes someone to not only read a story, but to pass it on?

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