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  • Help! The Consultants have left the building!

    Posted 17th April 2014 by Jon White

    A visit from a consultant can often leave a company with a long to-do list, and staff short on time. As a result, at FreshMinds we have noticed that this critical stage of a company's growth is also one of the most crucial in a company's recruitment lifespan. With this in mind, I thought that I would embark on an investigation of this implementation issue...

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  • Investing In Your Career: FreshMinds’ Recent Private Equity Event

    Posted 04th April 2014 by Jon White

    This week, we were delighted to welcome so many of our network to our most recent Private Equity event - "Accelerating Your Career in the 2014 Investment Market". For those who couldn’t attend, I thought I would you let you in on the key things we learnt and what a FreshMinds event entails...

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  • Upcoming Event: Accelerating Your Career in the 2014 Investment Market

    Posted 25th March 2014 by Jon White

    We are delighted to announce our next candidate event is coming up! The event is for management consultants and accountants looking to move into Private Equity, and for those already working within the Private Equity space who are considering their next move. 'Accelerating Your Career in the 2014 Investment Market' will be held on Tues 1st April 2014. We have a fantastic line-up of speakers from the Investment & Advisory world who will discuss the topic, focusing on their career choices, what their investment market holds for 2014 and the core skills and mind set candidates need to excel in the Investment & Advisory world in 2014.

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  • Exploring the African Investment Landscape

    Posted 21st March 2014 by Jon White

    Here at FreshMinds we love to keep at the forefront of new trends, so with this in mind I headed along to a seminar discussing the great and good of Africa's investment world, hosted by Private Equity Africa Magazine.

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  • The Rise of the Chief-of-Staff

    Posted 14th March 2014 by Jon White

    Chief-of-Staff, Business Manager, Executive Assistant, Aide-de-Camp... although the title varies wildly between companies, recently at FreshMinds we have witnessed an influx of clients in need of someone to fill this certain type of role. But what exactly does this role entail and why is it so important?

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  • Time for a top up?

    Posted 10th March 2014 by Patrick White

    Struggling to find the outstanding graduates you need? You're not alone. It’s a challenge many companies face, including those with highly successful internal recruitment processes. This is where ‘graduate top up’ comes into its own. For those who haven’t heard of top up campaigns, here’s the low down from FreshMinds. What is graduate top up? Why might employers need it? When companies face a lack of graduate talent, it generally comes down to issues with quantity or quality of applications. To mitigate this, companies may partner with a top tier recruiter to provide a proportion (or all) of their graduates. Essentially, the recruiter ‘tops up' their graduate talent.

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  • Five reasons to kick-off your career in consulting

    Posted 17th February 2014 by Sara Murfitt

    Despite an ever competitive graduate marketplace, and a somewhat... unpredictable... economy, we’re pleased to report that 2014 is looking good! Professional services firms including PwC and Deloitte are set to make up some of the largest graduate recruiters, so what is it that makes graduates want to join the consulting industry? And how can FreshMinds help you get your foot in the door? After speaking to graduate recruiters across the industry and to our extensive candidate pool, we take a look at the biggest advantages of starting your career within the consulting industry.

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  • Experience - it could be your golden ticket

    Posted 28th January 2014 by Nic Cater

    Noticed an increasing number of positions require commercial experience? Whether it's relevant experience or something more general, there's no doubt it's becoming more important. How important are we talking? High Fliers research found over half of the top 100 employers in the UK felt candidates with no work experience (including internships or summer placements) were "unlikely to be successful during selection and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations’ graduate programmes." So 'second jobbers' are becoming first choice.

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  • You snooze, you lose

    Posted 20th December 2013 by Keri Link

    Britannia hotels and Travelodge have recently been voted the worst hotel chains in Britain by Which? Travel magazine. No massive surprise for me really – I had to stay in a Travelodge over the summer while we were waiting for our house to complete and it wasn’t exactly the Ritz. But then again, I wasn’t expecting the Ritz when I only paid £60 per night. Let’s not forget that being cheap can pay dividends. Many businesses have become very successful by playing the price card. But, where these price bashers have succeeded in the recession with minimal efforts in terms of innovation and investment in customer service, will the tides turn now the economy seems to be on the up?

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  • Dial T for Telephone Interview

    Posted 08th November 2013 by Nic Cater

    Whether you're applying to a gigantic multinational behemoth or an up-and-coming boutique, it's becoming more and more likely that you'll have to sit a telephone interview as part of the recruitment process. With competition for places still fierce, the telephone interview can be an effective tool for employers to give as many applicants as possible a chance to make an impression and show their potential. So how can you ensure that, when it comes to your interview, you make as good an impression as possible? Well, FreshMinds Talent has put together a few tips that will help you make all the right calls (no more telephone puns, promise).

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