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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: The Future of Retail

    Posted 17th October 2014 by Morgan Taylor-Wrighton and Rachael Murley

    You'll be aware of the struggles that many high-street stores are facing as customers increasingly choose to make their purchases online. So what are retailers doing to entice shoppers back to the high-street, and what might the stores of the future look like?

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  • Have you got the bounce back factor?

    Posted 06th October 2014 by Lucy Kemp and Sara Murfitt

    Along with the rest of the nation, the FreshMinds team have been gripped by the new Channel 4 series "Educating the East End". A few episodes in, we've noticed a definite theme emerging - the importance of building up resilience. At Frederick Bremer School the focus is on ensuring that their pupils are prepared for the challenges that life will inevitably throw at them. This was perfectly illustrated when a pupil, after being rejected by a top drama school, was told by the deputy head "Babe, these (obstacles) make us more resilient!"

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  • GUEST BLOG: Welcome to the world of investment management

    Posted 24th September 2014 by John Patterson from 3i

    This week, we're delighted to welcome 3i's John Patterson, a Senior Associate within the Private Equity team, as our guest blogger. We caught up with John to get the low-down on all things 3i, as the search begins to find the top new investment professionals through their Graduate Programme.

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  • FreshMinds Ones to Watch Event 2014

    Posted 18th September 2014 by Jon White

    During my time here at FreshMinds I have been to events of all shapes and sizes, from intimate round table breakfasts with clients, informal networking drinks with prospective candidates to informative talks on the hot topics of the hour. But last week our Ones to Watch annual networking event topped them all!

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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: Refreshed Office, Refreshed Mind…

    Posted 05th September 2014 by Bryony Robottom

    With pictures of the Google and Mind Candy offices broadcast all over the internet, it can leave the rest of us feeling that our white, air conditioned rooms full of desks, computers and HR-approved chairs are no longer adequate. At the FreshMinds' offices you'll find brightly coloured pillars, vibrant pictures adorning the walls of our meeting rooms and a recent influx of exercise balls - but we still think it's time we freshen things up...

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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: Presenting Generation Z…

    Posted 29th August 2014 by Emma Harrington

    With the Classes of 2014 embarking on pastures new, there is a new generation nipping at the heels of Generation Y... the fast approaching cohort of 'Generation Z'. Coined the 'Gen Zers', this new 'Google generation’ is shedding a different light on the future of the workforce and attitudes to career opportunities.

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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: The consultant’s network

    Posted 15th August 2014 by Emma Harrington

    I'm sure that for many of you the thought of networking will conjure up memories of striking up conversation with unfamiliar faces in the hope that an advantageous connection can be made. However, those of you working in consulting will know that some of our most valuable networking takes place closer to home, or to be precise, in the workplace.

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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: There’s no ‘I’ in team…

    Posted 08th August 2014 by Keri Link

    One of the most overused phrases within the world of recruitment for me is ‘must be able to work in a team’, or ‘strong team player'. In fact, it's rare not to see this on a job spec these days. But why is it so important and do people really know what makes a good team player?

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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: FreshMinds talks Talent, Tinder and Tennis

    Posted 01st August 2014 by Bryony Cullen

    Attracting the best and the brightest people to join your company is a top priority for business leaders across the globe, but finding those people can require serious creativity (and a lot of hard work!) in your recruiting efforts. With research announcing this week that there are an increasing number of graduate roles being created there is a clear indication that the war for talent is gradually picking up. This means that employers need to focus on the best ways to find their target candidates, rather than expecting the candidates to find them.

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  • FRESH FRIDAYS: It’s not all doom and gloom

    Posted 25th July 2014 by Bryony Cullen

    As I'm sure you have seen, the news has been abuzz in recent weeks with reports examining the state of the UK's employment. Although these present a rather mixed bag, these changing trends can in fact spell out new opportunities, providing a welcome break from all of the doom and gloom we’ve become accustomed to when reading about employment in the press!

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